Mom: Potty Training

Potty training. Oh sweet Lord. This experience is worse than it was putting Ava on a sleep schedule! Just looking at those two words I feel the mini strokes happening! UGH!! It is true that it won’t happen until your child is ready. But it’s like it happened over night. She wasn’t understanding to go when she felt the urge. Then, out of nowhere, it happened! She walked over to her potty, sat, and went! All by herself! She isn’t fully trained yet but slowly but surely we’re getting there. My mother thought when she turned a year old she would be ready. HA! What a joke. This little girl is my daughter, stubborn as hell. She was going to do it when she was good and ready!

So how did it happen and what am I doing? Her Godmother let Ava see her son go to the bathroom, he’s potty training too. Like any normal child, monkey see monkey do. She did it too! After that, she understood what it meant to have the urge and from then on she told me when she needed to go the bathroom. What I’m doing now is keeping her without a diaper (I haven’t gotten underwear yet) and I take her to the potty (Elmo, her favorite character) when I see her doing the “pee pee dance” or when she simply asks. If she has to poop, she’ll grab her butt (TMI I know), and she’ll whine. You have to notice your child’s signals. Just like when they were infants, you knew a certain cry meant they were hungry, wet, or sleepy. Another trick is lot’s of praise! I hug and kiss her and give her high fives. I tell her “great job!” and she looks forward to the praise for the next time. We even have a routine down: I get the toilet paper, wipe her, we flush and say “goodbye” to the pee or poop, then we wash our hands. Children love routines!! Not all methods work, trust me I’ve read articles beyond articles and this is what worked for us.

I don’t use Pull-Ups because they feel too much like diapers. I send them to the daycare but when she’s home she doesn’t wear anything. Today was the best potty training day. I’m home on vacation so she had all day to practice. She only had one accident. So my fellow parents or future parents just remember, they’ll go when THEY’RE ready. Patience and consistency is key.
All my love and good luck!