Fit: Meal prepping. How to and tips.


I get asked all the time, how I meal prep. Believe me when I say looking at this picture is very overwhelming. I used to see pictures like this on Instagram and think to myself, “How the hell??” Well with trial and error I finally got it. I meal prep to prevent me from going overboard and making wrong choices with what I eat. No matter what type of diet you’re on, I suggest to you to always be prepared. This is how I prep:

First, I decide what I want to eat for 3 days. Carbs: do I want brown rice, potatoes, or both? Protein: do I want chicken, beef, turkey, or all 3? Veggies: Usually for my husband. We buy the big bag of frozen veggies from Costco.

Second, how many meals am I going to have a day? I usually cook for 3 meals because I like to snack in between. Sometimes, I’ll have 4. So now I know, I need 3 Tupperware for 3 days (my limit is 3 days in the fridge) for a total of 9. My husband likes to have 4, so he’ll need 12 total. Now, set up your Tupperware.

Third, Get cooking! Once you decide on your menu, get cooking. I like to think as my meals as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some people prefer: Meal 1,2,3, etc. Do whatever makes you comfy as long as it keeps you in check. If I decide on rice, I like to get that started first. I cook it in a rice cooker. A rice cooker is the EASIEST form of cooking rice. Basically, you set it and forget it. If I decide on potatoes, I put them in the oven first. Then I start cooking my protein of choice. Keep in mind, you’re cooking for 3 days! If I decide on chicken, I like to buy the bag of chicken breasts from Costco. Usually a little more than half the bag is enough. For breakfast, I like to cook egg whites. I like to cook my egg whites while my protein of choice is cooking. I measure a cup for every breakfast. I also buy my egg whites in Costco.

Fourth, start serving! As mentioned before, I like to keep my carbs at 1/2 cup. So I do that first. I have a Weight Watchers ladle that measures half a cup so I use that. Of course, a measuring cup does the trick. Usually I measure a cup of protein, and for my husband a cup of veggies.

If there’s any food left over, I put it in a container and put it in the fridge or make more meals for a fourth day for hubby. If there isn’t enough food for both of us, I keep a container of frozen ground chicken or turkey and cook that because it cooks quickly.

Please remember, this is the food I feel comfortable with. Cook the foods you wish depending on the diet you’re on.