Beauty: Striped Manicure


Ok, so two things I’m not too fond of when it comes to manicures so far.  Sheer polishes and striping tape.  I can put the tape on with no problem but once it’s on I look at it and go, “Yuck!’  The tape on this manicure used to be purple.  For some reason it changed to silver.  I tried with and without top coat and still it lost the purple color.  I guess Ebay is not the place to buy it huh?  Sheer polishes are a whole different rant!


The color on my nails are from my Ulta haul (post Here) OPI DS Opulence, China Glaze No Fair Lady, and Zoya Yasmeen.  I LOVE the OPI color,  unfortunately the pictures give it no justice. (I need practice taking pics).


Beauty: Ulta Haul


Ulta was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale so naturally I strolled  in, VERY happily.  Since nails are my current obsession, I went a tad crazy in the nail department.  This is what I got, from left to right:

  1. Zoya Yasmeen
  2. Zoya Trixie
  3. Loreal Wishful Pinking
  4. Loreal Not a Cloud in Sight
  5. Loreal Because You’re Worth It
  6. China Glaze Carribean Temptation
  7. Orly Bonder Base Coat (review coming soon)
  8. Sally Hansen Insta Dri Wined Up
  9. Sally Hansen Insta Dri Brisk Blue
  10. China Glaze No Plain Jane
  11. OPI DS Opulence
  12. 2 Sanitizable Cushioned Files from Flowery for natural nails

Of course swatches are coming!

Mom: Potty Training

Potty training. Oh sweet Lord. This experience is worse than it was putting Ava on a sleep schedule! Just looking at those two words I feel the mini strokes happening! UGH!! It is true that it won’t happen until your child is ready. But it’s like it happened over night. She wasn’t understanding to go when she felt the urge. Then, out of nowhere, it happened! She walked over to her potty, sat, and went! All by herself! She isn’t fully trained yet but slowly but surely we’re getting there. My mother thought when she turned a year old she would be ready. HA! What a joke. This little girl is my daughter, stubborn as hell. She was going to do it when she was good and ready!

So how did it happen and what am I doing? Her Godmother let Ava see her son go to the bathroom, he’s potty training too. Like any normal child, monkey see monkey do. She did it too! After that, she understood what it meant to have the urge and from then on she told me when she needed to go the bathroom. What I’m doing now is keeping her without a diaper (I haven’t gotten underwear yet) and I take her to the potty (Elmo, her favorite character) when I see her doing the “pee pee dance” or when she simply asks. If she has to poop, she’ll grab her butt (TMI I know), and she’ll whine. You have to notice your child’s signals. Just like when they were infants, you knew a certain cry meant they were hungry, wet, or sleepy. Another trick is lot’s of praise! I hug and kiss her and give her high fives. I tell her “great job!” and she looks forward to the praise for the next time. We even have a routine down: I get the toilet paper, wipe her, we flush and say “goodbye” to the pee or poop, then we wash our hands. Children love routines!! Not all methods work, trust me I’ve read articles beyond articles and this is what worked for us.

I don’t use Pull-Ups because they feel too much like diapers. I send them to the daycare but when she’s home she doesn’t wear anything. Today was the best potty training day. I’m home on vacation so she had all day to practice. She only had one accident. So my fellow parents or future parents just remember, they’ll go when THEY’RE ready. Patience and consistency is key.
All my love and good luck!


Mom: Land of Make Believe

Day 1 of my vacation went well.  The weather was perfect.  We went to The Land of Make Believe in Hope, NJ.  I remember going there as a child and boy has it grown!  Ava is not a swimmer yet so this is the perfect park for her.  The price of admission was $24.00, cheaper than most parks and water parks.  If you have a child less than 24 mos. old, they get in for free!  They have a pool area especially for kids her size, a train that takes you around the park, a petting zoo, a lazy river, one roller coaster, and the Pirate’s Cove.  The Pirate’s Cove is a splash park located right next to the pool.  This park is located in Hope, Nj, a small town with beautiful views.  I recommend going here especially with your toddler.  There are water rides to satisfy the big kid too.  For more information, go to their website: or

The Pirate’s Cove


View of one of the slides from the kiddie pool


The Tornado


Entrance to petting zoo


Roller coaster




Ferris wheel


Castle where they hold performances


More slides!



Pirate’s Cove


Lazy river


Beauty: Pink Gradient Nails


I used the sponge technique for this manicure. It was pretty simple but I definitely need more practice. I love how the China Glaze Fairy dust just puts it all together!


Products used:
Testing OPI’s Nail Envy for the base coat.
1) Sally Hansen’s Sweet Talker for the base
2) China Glaze: Dance Baby (Medium pink)
3) Nars: Schiap (Darker pink)
4) Seche Vite Top Coat, of course!

Fit: Meal prepping. How to and tips.


I get asked all the time, how I meal prep. Believe me when I say looking at this picture is very overwhelming. I used to see pictures like this on Instagram and think to myself, “How the hell??” Well with trial and error I finally got it. I meal prep to prevent me from going overboard and making wrong choices with what I eat. No matter what type of diet you’re on, I suggest to you to always be prepared. This is how I prep:

First, I decide what I want to eat for 3 days. Carbs: do I want brown rice, potatoes, or both? Protein: do I want chicken, beef, turkey, or all 3? Veggies: Usually for my husband. We buy the big bag of frozen veggies from Costco.

Second, how many meals am I going to have a day? I usually cook for 3 meals because I like to snack in between. Sometimes, I’ll have 4. So now I know, I need 3 Tupperware for 3 days (my limit is 3 days in the fridge) for a total of 9. My husband likes to have 4, so he’ll need 12 total. Now, set up your Tupperware.

Third, Get cooking! Once you decide on your menu, get cooking. I like to think as my meals as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some people prefer: Meal 1,2,3, etc. Do whatever makes you comfy as long as it keeps you in check. If I decide on rice, I like to get that started first. I cook it in a rice cooker. A rice cooker is the EASIEST form of cooking rice. Basically, you set it and forget it. If I decide on potatoes, I put them in the oven first. Then I start cooking my protein of choice. Keep in mind, you’re cooking for 3 days! If I decide on chicken, I like to buy the bag of chicken breasts from Costco. Usually a little more than half the bag is enough. For breakfast, I like to cook egg whites. I like to cook my egg whites while my protein of choice is cooking. I measure a cup for every breakfast. I also buy my egg whites in Costco.

Fourth, start serving! As mentioned before, I like to keep my carbs at 1/2 cup. So I do that first. I have a Weight Watchers ladle that measures half a cup so I use that. Of course, a measuring cup does the trick. Usually I measure a cup of protein, and for my husband a cup of veggies.

If there’s any food left over, I put it in a container and put it in the fridge or make more meals for a fourth day for hubby. If there isn’t enough food for both of us, I keep a container of frozen ground chicken or turkey and cook that because it cooks quickly.

Please remember, this is the food I feel comfortable with. Cook the foods you wish depending on the diet you’re on.